Case Studies

1 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Timur Production: A case of MANE FILS in the social welfare of the farmers in HVAP project areas
2 Demonstration of Barsa Pump-Spiral Pump Irrigation Technology for Off Season Vegetable Production at Thingne, Surkhet
3 Towards Collective Action through Developing Capacity of Producer Organizations: HVAP Achievements and Experiences on Off Season Vegetable Value Chain
4 Public, Private, and Community Partnership (PPCP) in Timur (Zanthoxylum armatum) Value Chain: A successful model for conservation and livelihood promotion in Mid-West Nepal
5 Promotion of Zero Energy Cellar Store in Apple Value Chain in Jumla, Nepal
6 Demonstration of Barsa Pump for Off Season Vegetable Production in Thigne VDC, Surkhet, Nepal
7 Empowering women farmers in Nepal to make changes that bring progress for all
8 A Case Study of BLC: Transforming Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in Value Chain Development
9 A Case Study of GESI Training in HVAP