Institutional Arrangements and Project Organisation

The Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD) is the implementing agency for government. The Project Steering Committee is chaired by the Ministry’s Secretary. The head of the Project Management Unit (PMU),  based in the Surkhet district, is from MOAD. The SNV team, which is responsible for the implementation of Component 1, and for helping coordinate activities in Component 2, is an integral part of the project.

The project’s collaborative framework comprises three main bodies: 

1. Project Steering Committee (PSC) - Kathmandu-based
2. HVAP Agribusiness Working Group - Kathmandu-based
3. Project Consultative and Coordination Group (PCCG) - Area-based

The Steering Committee reviews project progress against targets, assess its effectiveness in achieving its poverty/social inclusion and gender objectives, review lessons learned, assess management effectiveness and each year review and approve Annual Work Plans and Budgets. It  has a balanced membership representing government, the private sector and NGOs.

The Agribusiness Working Group is a forum for agribusinesses to discuss topics that are of particular concern to them, raise issues and present ideas and proposals to the project team, and is foreseen to grow into a body to serve the high value agricultural/NTFP/MAP sector as a whole and work with other value chain projects and programmes.

The Project Consultative and Coordination Group  acts as a forum to discuss issues and review opportunities and progress and to facilitate coordination with, government bodies, agribusinesses and other related projects/development initiatives operating in the project area. In addition, social audits, using district-based Public Audit Groups would be instituted to make project implementation ‘more transparent, accountable and locally manageable’. They would monitor, supervise and evaluate project activities within the value chain groups and communities and provide a sounding board for issues and concerns.